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Got PV on the Roof? Reduce your water heating bill. By diverting the PV Export power you are giving to the Grid.

Well Hello again, Been some time, I know.  I thought I would share iSolar Boost a new device for you guys to save more money on your fuel bill. So, if you have a Gas System, rather than a Gas combi … Continue reading

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TalkTalk going back on promises?

I signed up for the full International Package that allowed me to make phone calls up to an hour in length both in UK and Internationally. True, until recently you did have to add a rather long… code to add to the front of the international number. But, other than excluding the 0871 and 0845 numbers. It did what it said it would.

The additional benefit was that they provided an broadband connection for FREE FOREVER – (Eternity, a limitless amount of time)! Continue reading

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Best way to find out Adwords used by your competitors.

This is a Firefox add-in that allow you to see who and how much you are being out bid on Google Adword’s. You can read more http://tinyurl.com/d9y8do Continue reading

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