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Stop ISP’s tracking your DNS & browser history!

Well hello again. For those who wish to stop people being nosy about tracking what and where you browse. There are a few things that you can do that will happily upset most but not ALL internet nosy people on … Continue reading

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Monitor your Electricity and Gas bills with Loop @ £69.

Hello again, We have had this system for a couple of years now without issue and decided to spread the word in the UK. As some of our readers are slow in changing their energy provider. :o( Tut Tut. The … Continue reading

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Defence Secretary accuses technology firms of acting like the ‘enemy within’: Sir Michael Fallon says companies cannot act like a ‘fifth column’ in a modern democracy.

Comment Sir M. Fallon & Mrs Rudd, If you are incapable of doing your job. I suggest that the resign and allow someone who actually is qualified in the technology to get on with doing this job properly. If the … Continue reading

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Stick-N-Find Bluetooth stickers

Well, here we are in 2013. Where did the time go? A US technology firm has come up with new Bluetooth stickers that use the new low energy 4.0 standard which can be attached to your essential items like wallets, … Continue reading

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VMware APPLE APP for Management of Data Centres

Well, VMware has been listening to us. They have now shown off an Apple App which actually looks very useful. So, for the Techies. Yet another reason for your company to buy you an expensive Apple IPAD. So, till next time. Enjoy

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