Amazon to BUY Whole Foods…..Banking & Pharmacy next….?

Hi Guys,

Well, what I had been expecting has finally happened. Amazon has been playing with Food delivery for a few years with its PrimeFresh offering.

It found out that delivery of package foods was reasonably straight forward. As what is the difference of a TV against serials? Just the Past Best Date.

However, fresh meat, Fish, Paste etc.. was more […]

VMware APPLE APP for Management of Data Centres

Well, VMware has been listening to us.

They have now shown off an Apple App which actually looks very useful.

So, for the Techies.

Yet another reason for your company to buy you an expensive Apple IPAD.

So, till […]

The Party of the Half Centry at The Eastbury Hotel.

Just got back from Sherborne in Dorset.

Where Lynda Collier celebrated her 50th Birthday with a multitude of Friends and Family.

Being one of the honnerd guests that got under the radar! Can confirm that the event held at Eastbury Hotel was a success on all fronts. […]

This is on it’s way. It’s just when……

You need to sit down and watch this when you have 2 hrs! But, there is nothing in here that couldn’t be done today. The prove has already been provided here and in other proposals. It seems only corporates want to hold up the change. Nature has away of balancing the world out and our […]

Little Miss Granger

Parody of Harry Potter and Miss Granger. Very funny. Perhaps not for work area’s! […]

Best way to find out Adwords used by your competitors.

This is a Firefox add-in that allow you to see who and how much you are being out bid on Google Adword’s. You can read more […]