Renewables become a profit centre.....

Well times are getting harder as the Bankers and Government cause uncertainty in the UK during the 2010.

Once the elections are out of the way sometime in May. There will be very little to cheer about for the rest of the year as the pound drops lower against the Euro and Dollar. Just to upset us a little more, the inflation rate will increase and the Government will be forced to increase interest rates to gain funds to plug the rather large whole in Great Britannia.

Typical example of this is to drive a 42 foot yacht into the side of a sea going oil tanker. With the same effect! Very Very little to the tanker. In fact that seems to fit the bill when it come to printing cash. Or as the politicians like to hoodwinked the general population by saying quantitative easing.

However, there is a scheme that if you are due to change to renewable technologies could actually end up better off and less reliant on those Large Six UK Electricity / Gas Companies. […]

VMware ESXi 4.0 and VMware View.

Well I have been installing and configuring a VMware 4.0 service with VM View.

This is based upon the ESXi server hosting virtual PC’s either Microsoft or other OS versions.

Why? Well one of my business colleuges was having trouble with his technical sale man that had to travel over the world selling and demonstrating a high value addition to AutoDesk AutoCAD 2010 Mapping. It basically allows orginisations such as CAA and other such government authorities over the world to analise the flight paths and procedures into each Airport over the world, with all the various types of Aircraft including the 747’s to the smaller type. I believe it even works on fighter aircraft! But, of course “You may think that. I could not possible comment”

Hey what we waiting for then….

Some issues that need to be ironed out. […]

Land comes up for Auction in Thwing Today at Noon.

So, we are looking into planting Xmas Tree’s on the ground. Utilising the tank as a liquid food store for BioMethane production for providing power which will be exported and the heat generated to help in carrying on the warming our little friends in the tank, doing all the hard work. For above ground we are looking at placing a Wind turbine. […]