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Sterling’s plummeting value since Brexit vote cost Virgin Atlantic £50m last year.

Comment Reply A competent company would have hedge against the Currency movement. The movement was offset by the slide in Oil pricing which from memory went down to $34. So, the B.o.D should be fired by the shareholders. Perhaps, that … Continue reading

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15/01690/F Address:Land Parcel Adjacent To 16 Croydon Lane Banstead Surrey

Yet again these people will not go away. Please add your voice to this rejection. By all means, copy the reason I give below.   Have your say. Customer Details Name: MR DAVID VINCENT Email: Address: … Continue reading

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iSensor HD – 256bits Encrypted 720P HD CAM from Amaryllo.

Welcome again, This week I have been trying out a new device at my home in Sunny Surrey. OK, perhaps not so Sunny. However, this new camera has the pedigree of a Roll Royce but come in at a FORD … Continue reading

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Bank of Dave

Well, here we are again. This chap was given the run around by the FSA for they were concerned. Shame they were not so concerned when the Libor rigging was occurring, that they sat on knowingly, since 2008 by the major banks. But, of … Continue reading

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Why UK Gov has no money!

Now, the point of this article, is the trouble with this system. HM Gov pays these payments in advance of the actual Tax year you are actually in. So, for example. We are in Aug 2010.

But, Tax system credits that would have actually been paid are the allowance for 2011/12. So, if you stop this merry go round, by getting yourself a job that is more than the cut off rates or fail to submit a claim.

You then end up with the Taxman demanding £2,500 overpayment. Which, is a tad rich, as you didn’t make up this lunatic system that is totally open to fraud. Continue reading

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