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Is Bitcoin or the Web 3.0 a good idea?

Dear All, Blockchain’s revolution – Investors’ Chronicle Well his view of Cloud is false in the first place. The Cloud and Facebook, etc, are all distributive networks which are maintained by the likes of me in the old days when … Continue reading

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PPI time running out!!

The Banks and insurance companies have been waiting on the end date to this scandal. Don’t let them keep your money that they owe you. With the Cut off date rushing towards us. It is probably the last time you … Continue reading

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Amazon to BUY Whole Foods…..Banking & Pharmacy next….?

Hi Guys, Well, what I had been expecting has finally happened. Amazon has been playing with Food delivery for a few years with its PrimeFresh offering. It found out that delivery of package foods was reasonably straight forward. As what is the … Continue reading

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Bank of Dave

Well, here we are again. This chap was given the run around by the FSA for they were concerned. Shame they were not so concerned when the Libor rigging was occurring, that they sat on knowingly, since 2008 by the major banks. But, of … Continue reading

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Banks up to their usual indifference to security again.

Well, it’s 2013 and after 2012 complaints on Banks you would have thought they might be a little more careful with our money. Well, if you thought that. You would be mistaken. I received a Letter from NatWest with my … Continue reading

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When you see the little Key symbol you think you are safe?

Well, here we are again. So you are login into the banks or Credit card. You made sure that you have the Key in the browser and you think you are safe? Well, unfortunately, you are not. As most websites … Continue reading

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Why UK Gov has no money!

Now, the point of this article, is the trouble with this system. HM Gov pays these payments in advance of the actual Tax year you are actually in. So, for example. We are in Aug 2010.

But, Tax system credits that would have actually been paid are the allowance for 2011/12. So, if you stop this merry go round, by getting yourself a job that is more than the cut off rates or fail to submit a claim.

You then end up with the Taxman demanding £2,500 overpayment. Which, is a tad rich, as you didn’t make up this lunatic system that is totally open to fraud. Continue reading

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UK banks set up business lending taskforce

I use to have a Bank Manager that looked at the Business and then made a decision based on the income coming into the company and the credit worthiness of the companies we had contracts with. Continue reading

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