David J.Vincent – CV


A Qualified I.T. Consultant with in-depth infrastructure, support experience in the development, integration and production areas with proven Project and Team Management abilities.

Availability:                                                                                                            Security Clearance: SC – HO Sept 2020

Key skills;

  • Sphere 5.1/4.x  ESXi/ESX servers – installation, commission and management.
  • VM View 4.0 – Virtual Desktop using PCoIP
  • Windows 2003/8 Server and Windows 7 / XP Professional
  • Windows 2000 Professional & Server (MCP’s).
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Windows NT 4.0 Workstation & Server
  • SMS 2003 & InstallShield, PVCS
  • TCP/IP – AD, DNS, DHCP, SCOM & DMZ troubleshooting.
  • MS Exchange 5.5 & 2003 including Migration,
  • MS 2003 ISA Server.
  • IIS 4.0/5.0/6.0 – COM. COM+, MTS, SSL & Certificates
  • MS SQL 6.5/7.0 & 2005, ORACLE 8i, 10 & 11 Clients.
  • MS Office 97/2003, Goldmine & AutoCAD
  • Novell 3.12 (CNE), 4.1x, SBS 4.11.
  • Small Business Server 4.0/4.5/2000, BackOffice Server 2000/3
  • Ghost and RIS technologies.
  • PCAnywhere, VNC, Dameware & TSC.
  • Business Object Server/Client – WEB Intelligence / Full Client.
  • Creation of Gold Builds – for Server and Client deployment.
  • Project Management
  • Siebel, Q-Matic & NetShield HSM

                   Novell Certified Engineer 6517855

                Microsoft Certified Professional: 2201878

                VMware Certified Associate: 0334839

June 2015 – June 2016

Whilst working at Hewlett-Packard. My daughter required an operation which was scheduled in June 2015. This required considerable time commitments after the operation during her recovery. Despite the best efforts of HP, we concluded that I wouldn’t be able to continue to be effective as Team Lead at Hook during this period. So, HP reluctantly accepted my contract termination.

Jan 2015 – May 2015

Technical Team Lead at Hewlett-Packard – Hook.

I took overall technical control of a project team which included a set of SME’s in Sharepoint, HyperV and AppSense to drive through a Thin Client (700) and Laptop (280) secure image refresh to multiple UK locations. Transfer current clients across from using Office 2007 – based on Windows XP to one that was based on Office 2013 based on Windows 7 client with 3rd Party SharePoint collaboration tools. Resolve performance and functional issues highlight by the client and Test team.

To manage transfer process of data migration from a third party to internal systems.
To provide the Technical Oversight to the Change Management process of both internal and 3rd party systems.

To provide technical input to the Design Authority personnel in implementing server upgraded strategies from the Windows 2003/8 to 2012. Implementing best practice on the VMware 5.1 ESX servers & clients for performance issues raised and also implementing the commissioning of a Direct Access Services to the community at larger.

To be a mentor to resolving both Project/BAU operational and technical issues and to highlight program risks as they occurred. The tight deadlines on this project were achieved and feedback to the second stage of SharePoint project upgrade was passed to Project Manger involved.

May 2013 – Sept 2014.

Fujitsu Environments RIG Manager in Bracknell. Supported by a team of 10 integration engineers in deployments/troubleshooting in all of the three testing environments and finally in Production. Proving the migration plan from the current Windows 2003 physical platform in a single data centre and deploying the solution to two independent Data Centres on a Windows 2008 virtual platform using VMware 5.1 and NetApp. Providing 3-4th Line support to Migration team and whilst migration took place.

Implementing and managing the multiple VMware 5.1 clustered environments. Which, include NetApp storage, Juniper and 7K switch configurations for the releases of custom systems.

Producing & Q&A – engineering documentation for 2003 – 2008 across a number of backend server components.
Production of Service Delivery Documentation (e.g. Operation Guides)
Configuration management of the component using Clear Case
Resolve defects managed within QC
Review documentation with build and test teams
Conduct unit testing
Support the test team creating Infrastructure & Integration tests
AD and GPO support from both Change and Run activities
Windows 7 Secure Desktop design

Feb 2011 – Nov 2012.

Working for ATOS on the UKBA account, as a 3rd-4th line Wintel/Windows Design Engineer.  The main element of the role was to design and implement middleware solutions based on Linux Redhat & Windows 2003/2008 Servers hosted on a VMware 4.1 infrastructure across the client’s multiple data centres and remote office locations. To build and validate the solution provide by the TA in the test environments before providing the Production build documentation which includes. Providing the 2003/2008 Server build documentation for designs including AD, GPO, DR and script requirements, implementation plans and operations handover documents for Service acceptance into Production (Wrap and Pack). Providing 3/4th line support to the software development teams in the 15 test environments including external parties of Fujitsu, IBM and HOIT.

To manage the VMware infrastructure comprising several hundred HP Proliant BL460/DL360 G1-G7 with Hitachi SAN storage to obtain the best performance balance for the overall systems. To troubleshoot issues both middle-ware and Wintel/ESX issues. Applications covered were ORACLE Forms, in-house Siebel applications iApply, iDecide, and iSearch. Q-Matic’s, NetShield HSM with the additional day to day HP/Windows/VMware issues.

April 2010- Dec 2010.

Working for ATOS Origin on the Ministry of Justice account, as 3rd-4th line WINTEL Consultant in the SUPS Projects team. The project consists of migration of users from the Legacy systems over to a central server based on WAN infrastructure utilising Citrix technology and providing 3-4th Line support to the BAU team. The site currently has 25,000 desktops and server hundred Windows Servers to manage.

Preparing Project documentation, the creation of project accounts via CSVDE, completing out of hours CRO’s on AD & DNS and GPO’s, completing the capacity planning provision and proving technical troubleshooting support to the on-site engineers when required. Write the technical risk assessment document for the process to be completed. Generating reports on AD groups for analysis & audit and keeping the systems within the 99.98% SLA requirements.

December 2009 – February 2010

Working as a consultant to CADology Limited, which is a CAD software house. These small projects objectives were to design, configure and commission a remote desktop system that allowed remote users to use or demonstrate the procedural software http://www.pdtoolkit.com/ both on AutoCAD and Bentley environments.

This was based on VMware ESXi server infrastructure utilising the new version of View 4.0 desktop. This allows any broadband enabled users to connect from their own office desktop system via the Internet and utilise the Windows multi-cored 64-bit CAD environment from their local office system. Thus removing the common issues in installation and commissioning within a corporate environment whilst allowing client data to remain within the corporate.

July 2007 – September 2009.

I had to take period out in contracting as my daughter required an operation to lengthen and correct her left leg which was damaged by meningitis at birth and this is the main reason for my work being a contract in nature. For Health and safety reasons Surrey County Council required that I be present at BansteadJuniorSchool during school hours, due to the lack of disability facilities at the school at that time. This oversight has now been rectified.

I was asked, as would be expected in the times that my daughter did not directly need my assistance to troubleshoot IT issues that the school had. Including; lengthy login times for wireless pupil laptops; to resolve to dedicate CCTV TCP/IP camera system that failed after several days, and to resolve day to day IT issues of both academic and administration staff.

Projects also carried out were to manage the Renewable Energy Policy for the school, which included obtaining grants and implementing a 15kW Photo Volcanic array, 6kW Wind Turbine and the renovation of the school’s swimming pool with more energy efficient technologies. To source the insulation and deploy the loft insulation with PTA parents help into the main school building. With the net result of reducing the school’s gas consumption by 50%. Creation of www.appleipodscamonline.co.uk to educate the pupils on the dangers of providing data to the Internet and talking to people they don’t know and was asked to become a Parent Governor to the school.

January – July 2007.

Working on behalf of Euro Data Systems at Royal Festival Halls, Southbank http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk, the 12 acres site comprised of five separate buildings and two remote offices. My assignment was to troubleshoot and resolve the organisation issues that had come to light in the Voice over IP system and develop a corporate infrastructure model for administration, based on Windows Active Directory design. To instigating new Helpdesk to 1,450 users, with 2 remote sites, and incorporates procedures so that tasks were no longer were lost in the system and bring the administrative documentation to a corporate standard before the June opening. This included stripping to 450 scripts into three group based login scripts and storage resources, the creation of Gold Build Images for quicker workstation deployment including all the sites core applications, resolving operational issues and taking 3rd line role on the Helpdesk. I was subsequently asked to take technical lead on integration issues involved in developing and deploying a new kiosk system for validation and printing off reservations ticket from the Tessitura ticketing system which were to be deployed throughout the site. To install, configure and documented an Enterprise Blackberry server to integrate with Exchange 2003 server so that South Bank management could receive both e-mail and meeting notifications via Blackberry devices worldwide. Setting up VMware 3.5 infrastructure for server based DR back-up using EtherLans storage systems.

September – December 2006,

Worked for ATOS Origin on the Home Office (IND) account.  The position I held was in the OAT (Operational Acceptance Team). This team verifies software and hardware installations to be deployed into production. OAT provides independent validation of performances, technical design and impact of the software/hardware to be rolled out into production. This environment is the final sign off stage before 99.98% SLA’s apply to 18,000+ desktops. OAT are directly responsible to Managed Operations (MO) should the deployment fail in delivery in either functional or performance criteria.

In this area, we are guardians of the complete production arena which duplicates the production services. i.e. 2003 AD, DFS Cluster, Exchange 2003, SMS 2003, Exchange 2003, SQL 2000, Terminal Server, Oracle 9i/10. Provide technical/troubleshooting expertises to MO should the need arise.

October 2004 – 24th February 2006 – contract renewed 8 times

Working on behalf ATOS Origin for the Home Office (IND) – at Croydon.  I work as one a team of four WINTEL engineers undertook the validation of the migrating strategy of the proposed technical refresh. The original legacy systems were base on NT 4.0 Workstation and NT 4.0/Windows 2000 and Exchange 5.5 servers. These were to be migrated to an Active Directory structure based on Windows 2003 servers and XP desktops. This overall implementation involves 25 core sites and 6 satellite sites using WAN links over the UK with over 18,000+ desktops and 2,500+ Terminal Server users involved. We had to create change and risk assessments to the technical change on main core Legacy systems such as CID, DGP, HOSD, Business Objects, Warehouse, Knowledgebase 4.0, Oracle 8i & 10i and similar systems.

Troubleshoot and resolve the migration design issues both on server and workstation including Exchange mailboxes within the Testing environments and apply a remedial action to resolve these issues via Policy, Permission, software or Gold build update. To also provided detailed procedural documentation applying the migration design into production without loss of service. The Development and testing environments used VMware ESX 2.5.2 servers on HP DL360/80 hardware with a total of 12 separate testing environments that are managed.

Other tasks included the integration and packaging of new/updated bespoke applications via MSI or SMS within the confines of the restrictive security model, Validation of Software, Hardware and additional device drivers before they are deployed into production using several deployment methods. We also provide support to the test team using LoadRunner and WinRunner products. The team also provide technical input into new proposals, such as package deployment, Impact and Capacity planning for the client before continuing to write procedural documentation for the introduction of the package into production. This includes full rollback and DR strategies.

Aug 2003- to October 2004 – contract renewed 3 times.

Working for Siemens Business Services as IT Consultant in Croydon for IND. Providing Administration of the development environments from Component Test to UAT. Developed procedural documentation for the build of production servers based on NT4/W2K and Terminal Servers which included the IIS configuration and deployment of software packages/updates to the Production environment. Administration and development of Exchange 5.5 for new services provided to the production environment.

Troubleshooting Windows 2000 / NT 4 / Terminal Server W2K / Exchange 5.5 to both development and production teams, producing deployment methods and the creation of SMS and InstallShield packages which are rolled out to production client desktops located over 13 UK wide site locations.

Jan 2002-March 2002

Working for WaxInfo.com to provided server and workstation support to developers. Tasks included administration of Cube 3, W2K, NT4, Solaris and Linux servers. Also, deploying “WaxInfo” product on City client’s sites using IIS 4/5 or TOMCAT.

Oct 2001 – Dec 2001

Working for Siemens Business Services as a Support Engineer in Croydon on the final stages of 24 months plan to roll out a new desktop and Intranet development to 4,000 seats. The bespoke software system was based on Oracle Forms and Oracle 8i. It was on behalf of the Immigration & Nationality Department (IND). The main activity was the validation of NT policies and profiles using scripting on an Integration & Testing Facility (ITF) before rollout to the production environment. Job duties included building NT Server, Exchange 5.5, and Validation of new equipment into the build, IIS 4.0 and deploying MTS components. Validation of new software and hardware, before being released into the production environment.

Feb 1999 – July 2001- New Millennium Technologies (part of Ockham Group)

 I was Technical Lead in a team of four WINTEL engineers, providing 3rd line support to the development team of Premier Plus and the 1st/2nd line Customer Service Desk which supported 198 external clients, on Premier Plus on the following platforms, MS BackOffice, Small Business Server 4.0/4.5 and 2000.

Premier Plus was a custom written High Street Insurance Brokerage package. The HQ complex comprised of 32 servers, which were running both internal and external production systems. Exchange 5.5 & 2000, SQL 6.5/7.0 & 2000, Terminal Server, ISA, Proxy 2, McAffee NetSHIELD suite, Goldmine and preparation of Ghost development builds.

Design and implement a Windows 2000 DMZ – IIS servers/DNS/Exchange2000, MTS, COM+ and ISA/Proxy 2 for www.theinsuranceweb.co.uk which allowed Insurance Broker clients to have their owned web-enabled POLARIS Quote Engine Web site providing on-line quotes. Only the very large insurance companies could afford this sort of system at the time. Typical costs were over £100,000.

Provide overall TCP/IP and server design in the ASP infrastructure for deploying NMT products over the Internet using Windows Terminal Server clients and specifying the underlying ADSL infrastructure to broker sites. This included TS Server sizing, Licensing, and Fault-tolerant in both power supplies and external communication links. Designed and implemented the Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 Servers for the provision of the internet based EDI clearinghouse for NMT insurance brokers EDI messaging system.

 July 1997 – Jan 1999 – I.T. Works (Comet Group Plc)

Worked for COMET PLC as the Technical Architect to design and integrate all of the IT systems in a new concept store based in Reading, Hull and Rickmansworth. The goal was to provide a One-Stop Shop for SME businesses in IT, Communications and Training requirements. Then roll out this design template across the UK. The initial project had a design and implementation time span of 6 months. The venture was developed in partnership with Kingfisher Group and British Telecom. Leading sponsors were INTEL, Microsoft, Novell, Toshiba and HP. My tasks in this project were to provide the network design for both voice and data. Provide 3rd line troubleshooting to the new back office systems. Design and source the PC building equipment for Lab, including stores, H&S issues and negotiate with distributors for the PC components and provide Gold builds for the PC Build operations. To also complete design and development of new technologies to demonstrated within the technology booths within the store such as video conferencing, remote CCTV, Contact Management etc.

This included providing the WAN TCP/IP network infrastructures for ICL developed EPOS system called GlobalStore and Contact Management system developed by Brock. Provision and configuration of WAN links to Comet’s HQ’s in Hull and Rickmansworth and an external 1/2nd line Helpdesk in Alness in Scotland.

Once Reading store became operational the additional task of Lead 3rd line support & trouble-shooter for both internal and external solutions and provided consultancy on the more complex corporate requirements were added.

October 1982 – July 1997 – C.C.S. Computer Services Ltd

Managing Director of CCS Computer Services Limited that provided Autodesk AutoCAD, 3D Studio and Novell/Microsoft networks systems to both Government and corporate clients such as Charles Taylor’s (Taylor’s), RIBA, James Capel, Merrill Lynch, Channel Four, Tate & Lyle, Department of Health, Standard Charter, Deutsche Bank, COMET, Unipart, Lord Chancellor’s Office, Renault, Morgan Stanley, WS Atkins Engineering and Tussaud’s Group.

The company provided both software developments in AUTOLISP, VB and C. Typical examples are ADB Graphical system for the Department of Health and Graphically lead Asset Management system to Merrill Lynch. We also provided photo-realistic visualisation services to Manufactures, Engineering and Production companies of Product Design, Stage design setting and walk-through of both buildings and civil projects such as the Channel Tunnel.

Providing Design, Installation and commissioning of both high utilisation CAD networks and 200-300 PC systems with the appropriate specification of servers for both Novell and Window NT environments and 1-3rd support to them.

In addition to the above, the Company was contracted in May 1995 as technical consultants for COMET Group to provide software and hardware integration service. Resolving issues between software house and PC manufacturer for the new Multimedia touchscreen systems, which we subsequently roll out to 225 UK wide stores.  The marketing purpose of which was to guide Comet Multi-media employees and customers through the purchase of PC hardware.

We also provided to COMET Group a 1st line telephone helpdesk and software update service, which was delivered via COMPUSERVE to the 225 stores. We also project managed the replacement of defective hardware and software updates.

Contact & Company Details

Company Name          Tagware Limited

Address                       13  SM7 2DH

Telephone                   08450 513830

Web    www.tagware.co.uk


Professional References: On request.