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This is me, just in case you ever bump into me

I’ve worked in IT for over 30 years. As the owner of one of the earlier  AutoDesk Dealerships, when Richard Handyside was the main UK guy in The Cut!

We supplied complete CAD, Networks and visualisation systems to Corporate clients such as RIBAS, Channel 4, NHS, BBC, Merrill Lynch, COMET Plc, Morgan Stanley to mention a few. We also developed the graphical ADB system for the Department of Health and a graphically lead Asset system for Merrill Lynch.

Subsequently became an  IT Consultant specialising in WINTEL and VMWARE in both development and production areas for both large (16,000+) and small businesses (125+).

I tend to be called AskDave.com because I normally can provide an answer or at least a URL to where you can find out the answer to your question. It’s all in the keywords that you use!

Which is what I’m still doing to the present day.

David Vincent – CV

Tagware – IT Consultant

Telephone: 0845 051 3830

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