TESLA and their D1 Chip. The world really hasn’t a clue of the impact that this system will have.

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Well for those that actually understood the technical explanation of AI Day from the TESLA team. Including the impact of their own D1 chip on 7Ns die. You will be in the minority. Make sure you have a strong black coffee!

It was clearly shown that even the educated audience which Tesla had arranged to sit in front of these Department heads really had a long way to go before they were going to be of any help in the TESLA Quest.

The D1 makes the NVIDA chip’s look very sad. Yes, they have to stitch the system together but it is quite obvious that they have the skill set to complete the task. Just as the Financial Crew missed the implications of the Tesla Battery Day. This really did go over most so call experts understanding.

Especially our friend on CNBC who was trying to say that his AI expert was more clever than a team at TESLA. It has become both sad and embarrassing that a so call news channel can continue to broadcast this clown’s views. Despite the market analysis record of getting anything right being in the <1%. “TESLA is going to go bankrupt”. Yep that about as likely as me going to the moon tomorrow. With 15 billion in the bank despite paying for two new large factories out of companies earnings and still making a profit.  The USA market will wake up to the monster that is about to turn up in there own back yard. Walmart move over someone coming through.

The computational amount that this D1 chip alone can process and then the teams ability to work out placing it into an array of 5,000. This unit of computational processing will be come truly jaw dropping to those that can comprehend the overall system.

It was also obvious, that the team was not to proud to follow nature, as the feed lines into path computational lines look very similar to those on worm in the sea with multiple sensor feeds. Mother nature has had a few million years to perfect the best system. No point re-inventing the wheel!

If, I was 40 years young and not retired. I would be seeing if I could make the cut. This will probably be the most beneficial project to be working on bar the SpaceX team in getting to Mars.

Mr. Musk does not believe in Under Achievement!

Intel, Microsoft, NVIDA, Apple and AMD. What really have you done in the last 20 years?

We all got a peak at the outside layer of the TESLA Secrets box. It took a YouTube over a year of research to un-pick the Battery Day announcement. This could take him another 5 years, to get it into what the normal public will understand.

Watch this Tesla AI team truly expand what they have started in the next few years will be a pleasure to watch as the competition don’t believe what they are seeing.

It reminds me of when they cracked the Human Genome for the first time in 1990’s it took them 7 years and cost 1 billion dollars! It now takes in 2021 – 24-48 hours and $600. Remember to remove inflation!

Making the Humanoid walk at 5 miles an hour is also a sensible pre-caution. :o)

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