So, Batteries are as bad as Gas/Petrol cars???

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It has often been pointed to that electric cars use Coal or Gas to power them which in the UK is generally not the case. Even in the USA after a certain person has left office. The States themselves have seen the light. Not in the Climate emergency of course! No in pure economics. :o)

The current flavor of the month is Gas after it clobbered coal powered stations out of the way based on costs. However, the same factors that made Gas king currently now at this moment in time be killed of by Solar PV / Wind and 4 hrs of Battery storage. Again, this is base on costs alone.

What people often for get is the process of getting the Oil or Gas to the forecourt pumps in the firsts place.

This chap explains the process and how wasteful it is clearly once and for all to see.

EV or Gas, What Pollutes More?

Couldn’t have said it any better. There are a couple of points missed. But, the obvious damage is clear to see.

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