UK Pension Freedoms and Catches!

The chaps at AJ Bell have put together a 20 min video that explains about the various pension options and HMRC’s not so nice practices.

Good. See I was being helpful.

Enjoy the rest of your day and start that SIPP if you don’t have one already.

Even a couple of £100 now will allow you to invest 4 times your annual amount of 40k in 3 years. That 160k that you could invest. You don’t have to invest this amount now. It can sit there quietly until you are ready.

If you haven’t started the SIPP its 40K max for that year.

For the sake of a couple of £100 invested into the SIPP. After 3 years sitting there it leaves the option to invest up to £160k when you win the lottery!

Remember. If you are going to draw more than £1,000 ish a month after the 25% is taken then Tax is payable. Make sure you seek financial advice from your accountant or adviser. Getting it wrong can and does turn out to become expensive!

We happen to use AJ Bell. But have no financial benefit from sending you to watch their video.

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