PPI time running out!!

The Banks and insurance companies have been waiting on the end date to this scandal. Don’t let them keep your money that they owe you.

With the Cut off date rushing towards us. It is probably the last time you be able to claim what the banks and insurance compaines took off you without your permission.

It is worth registering with the Consumer-focused website “Which” to make sure that all institutions look into their records.

For those that are reading that are not UK based. Our Banks and Insurance companies charged for an insurance policy that was supposed to cover a non-payment on illness or loss of employment. However, as the T&C were not provided for most, who were told they had to have this without any option. They wouldn’t pay non-full time employees. So, the insurance in a great many times would be worthless. However, the insurance and Banks were quite happy to still insist that all customers should have this insurance. Eventually, the penny dropped in our Government and the industry was told to repay these fees with interest.

They, of course, will do their utmost to not pay the full amount back. So, even if they do offer a sum. Do use your common sense to check if this seems reasonable. If your Credit Cards / Bank loan etc is being in the 1,000’s a month then the amount back should be quite considerable. So, if they offer a couple of £100 back it time to push back and ask them for the prove of how they reached this amount.

I happen to be a company director for my sins. So, I have to keep records for 7 years. Just in case HMRC wishes to view them for some reason.

Hence, I have got the originals.

Don’t expect them that have the right statements or the correct ones. As when I cross-referenced the balances of the months on Jan and Feb they didn’t match. Despite me sending them the actual copy of the statement to check against!

It seems that this isn’t unusual for them. So, your not convinced that it’s a reasonable amount you should start a claim with the Financial Ombudsman within 30 days of receiving your last correspondence with the bank. Whilst it will not be quick. They generally have been able to settle at that offer. Which in my case was £1,000’s more?

Make sure that you mention that you wish for the “Pleving ruling” to also be taken account off. As the Insurance and Banks were found to be making accessive amounts of profit on loans and these are to be repaid under this ruling. Loans used to have 67% profit earnings for the banks. Hence, why they have been told to repay the amounts over 50% back. Yes, I know. But, getting some of it back is better than nothing.

So, don’t just sit there! Register yourself and get your Wife, cousin to do so Today!

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