Cheap Renewable Energy for your UK home – Save up to £300!

Cheap, Renewable Energy

Click the link below to see if you can save up to £300 a year!

If you’re looking for Bulb’s website, please click here

I’d like to encourage friends, family, & anyone else who’s interested, to find out more about Bulb & how easy it is to go green & save money. It takes a minute to get a quote & Bulb do all the work when you switch; you don’t even have to tell your current provider. Bulb will give you £50 if you use my Bulb referral code.

I moved to Bulb from First Utility, one of the big energy providers. I switched because:

  1. Bulb provides 10% renewable gas energy;
  2. Bulb’s single tariff is much cheaper than the big energy companies;
  3. Bulb’s customer service is excellent.
  4. Bulb’s use 100% Renewable Electricity generation.
  5. Bulb’ pays the exit fee charges made by your current supplier up £120 on request.
  6. Bulb credit your account with a £50 credit as a thank you for joining them.
  7. You can do your bit for the planet without costing you an arm and a leg.

Typical Costs for Heating a UK Home

Bulb: Making Energy Simpler, Cheaper, Greener

Bulb is a new UK energy provider determined to revolutionise the way the energy industry works. Bulb provide 100% renewable electricity & 10% renewable gas. Their energy isn’t just greener, it’s also cheaper. Traditionally, you have to pay a premium to go green, but with Bulb, you’ll also save money. Combine green energy, great customer service & a hassle-free switching process, & you have Bulb, in a nutshell.

That’s probably why Bulb is the UK’s fastest growing renewable gas & electricity supplier.


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