24 x 7 – Renewable comes to age with REDt

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As some of you know we have been following an AIM share called RED which has been developing a Flow Machine for 17 years.

They are finally starting to see industry realising that install these Flow machines along with Solar PV allows them to bridge the gap of night time at a sensible cost. To provide power back to the UK grid when need.

This is a UK installation which also has the support of one of the major six energy companies Centrica.

Where Lithium wears out after 1,000+ or so charges. The Flow machines can carry on charging and discharging without any noticeable degradation for over 20 years and then by changing things like pump and few other plates. Can start the process over again for another 20 years.

Once the major markets wake up to this device. Then, it will be hard to stop the orders coming in.

A nice positive story on the  UK for once.


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