Warning Theresa May ‘would go to war’ to defend Gibraltar as Defence Secretary Michael Fallon vows to ‘protect’ its sovereignty ‘all the way’


Spain has kicked an own goal here. The Gibraltar lot were for staying in the EU. So, what May does is say OK. We will give the Gibraltar region a vote on if they want to become part of Spain in the EU or stay with the UK. (Knowing full well what the result will be. UK or Spain? Yep, not hard to work that one out.) As long as Spain provides the same vote for its own region that wants to depart from Spain. Then, wait for the backtracking!! Oh, when will the EU learn that Howard in (Yes Minister) would take great delight in pointing out the converse position that will hurt the EU. “We are there to mess things up. We couldn’t do it from outside. So, we joined so we could do it from within!” Enjoy your weekend….

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We’ll just make everything dependent on the independence of the Basque country and Catalonia

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