Defence Secretary accuses technology firms of acting like the ‘enemy within’: Sir Michael Fallon says companies cannot act like a ‘fifth column’ in a modern democracy.


Sir M. Fallon & Mrs Rudd, If you are incapable of doing your job. I suggest that the resign and allow someone who actually is qualified in the technology to get on with doing this job properly. If the CIA/FBI and Department of Justice are unable to tell Apple to open up its iPhone. Then, I see the little likely hood that they are going to respond to the UK. The Amy chap that was hacked down in East London. The murderer had posted on FB several hours before the attempt for any of the security services to see. Yet, nothing was pickup until this dreadful event had already happened. It shows that the HMG are desperate to move on the failure on to other 3rd parties rather than face up to the fact that there are some mentally unstable people within society that due to the Government’s own cuts have fallen under the radar of being pickup and help recover. The case of “Needle in a haystack come to mind”. The needle becomes increasingly difficult to find when the Haystack is increasing!

of course, the government can do something about it, they introduce legislation enforcing it or the product is banned, simple really or do the politicians have an ulterior motive?


Small technical issue. “Freedom of speech”. Sort of gets in the way. But like Parlement tends to be upheld by the Judges…. Trust me if the Tax accountant can think of a way of moving money elsewhere without HMG getting their Tax. Our little friends can always go back to using the Postal system (Paper, Letters even)… Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

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