iSensor HD – 256bits Encrypted 720P HD CAM from Amaryllo.

Welcome again,

This week I have been trying out a new device at my home in Sunny Surrey.

OK, perhaps not so Sunny.

However, this new camera has the pedigree of a Roll Royce but come in at a FORD Mondeo price.

So, I can hear you say. So, what so clever in this device then?

Well, the list is lengthy. But here goes.

First of all the setup of the device has been thought through with army discipline.

Step 1. Download the App from the Apple Store or Google’s Android Store to your phone.


Step 2. Plug-in the Camera into the USB power supply and let it do its thing. Be careful not to touch the top of the camera whilst it’s moving. iSensor design to move the camera. But, not you holding it while it’s moving. Once Blue Light is static

Step 3. Make sure the Phone you are using is connected locally to the WiFi spot. Start App and answer which WiFi you wish to use along with the security passphrase. It then presents you a QR Code on your Phones screen.


Step 4, You place the phone display in front of the iSensor 1.0 Megapixel lens Camera about 10-14 cm away from its front lens with the QR pointing at the iSensor Camera lens. It will beep twice and then you can play!

Yep, it is that simple to setup.

What’s more. You can later set it up for 3 more WiFi spots should you need to move it to your friends to show off.

So, what’s going on here? Well, when you show the QR code to the camera. It is reading its setting directly via this method. Clever thinking. Better than asking your Users what IP range/DNS/Proxy setting. Which, we know what happens here. So, a Gold star for the person who thought through this install.

So, you hear all of the horror stories of people not securing the IP Cameras from the folks on the internet. Well that not going to happen here.256_Encription_iSensor_HD720

These guys and girls have used the strength of 256-bit encryption to encode the video stream from your iSensor to your phone. So, even our little friends at GCHQ and the other lot at NSA would have a little bit of computing to do to crack this feed. However, the main point is that each and every camera has its own id and password. So, it is as secure as it’s ever going to be. Which, is a big improvement from ‘admin’ and ‘1234’ which are normal settings of IP Cam’s.



So, what does that app provide? Well, I’d be into 10’s of pages if I went through all of the features. However, the main one are as follows;

Alert Section

  • Privacy Mode: that allow you to turn off the iSensor with a swipe of a finger.
  • Motion sensor: this can be set to send you either a photo of the thing that’s moved or just a txt notification.
  • Microphone: you can set this to listen to the room via the app or set it so it alerts you when something where the iSensor is, makes a noise. Intruder for example or a child.
  • The iSensor also has a vibration sensor: So, it will pick up any vibration that could be the first signs of a break in. Or, Johnny hitting a ball against the window.
  • When an Alert event occurs. The device has a quite strong LED that can turn on to record the scene as the iSensor sees it at the time.

Sharing video

  • Ability to Share the Video stream to other people. So, Dad or Mum can check that their little darlings are behaving with the Babysitter. Or, Grandparents can be allowed to check in on the newborn.
  • Snapshot timing: Allows a date stamp to be imprinted on the Picture sent
  • Video timing: Allows a running time video to record what is happenings in front of the iSensor.
  • You now have the ability to Share the iSensor securely. Once or Multiple times by setting up a Browser viewer which again provides a unique code and id to connect to the camera. Just in case you leave your phone at Home when you go to work or decide to leave it at Home when you go on holiday. You can allow the family to check out the house while you are away. Then, remove this privilege on your return.

Google DriveGoogle_G_DRIVE_15GB_SPACE

  • For those that wish to. You are provided with an option to upload either Snapshots or Video up to the Cloud using a Google account. Which, if you don’t have at the time. You can set up via the App.
  • You can set this to a Continuous mode which uploads until you filled up the 15Gb space and then overwrites again when you have reached the 15Gb limit. Or, set it up to upload only on an event. Noise, Movement etc.
  • Resolution can be sent from 360, 480p or the 720p highest setting.
  • App provides a Storage Graphic to show how much is left to use on the App screen itself.

iSensor Video Control

  • In the App, you can have up to 4 iSensors to control remotely.
  • They are able to swing about physically 80′ to both left and right. This gives 240′ sweep including Camera Lens optical coverage.
  • The camera Lens has been designed to provide the best non-distorted view that I have seen on this level of IP CAM.
  • You select the camera and then press the ‘Play’ button and the image buffers 0-80% in a couple of seconds. Yes, it does work over 3G!
  • By swiping your finger to the left or right the camera will move.
  • You can modify all settings without actually being in the same place at the iSensor.

So, there you have it. What haven’t they got covered on this device?

So, I can hear you say. What the price?

Well, you can have one of these delivered for £114.95 including VAT. (£95.97 + VAT @ 20% for Business Customers)

Just click Here or the images below to go and buy yours.

iSensor_HD_CAM_BlackiSensor_HD_CAM_WhiteTheses iSensor HD CAM’s  should be in every home and business. As they allow for peace of mind.

Even, if you already have an alarm fitted. The Alarm cannot see. With one of these you can see from anywhere you are on the Mobile Phone or Browser.

A great investment. Which, will protect for years.

UPDATE: The manufacturer allows you to share your video feed. So, businesses can show how busy they are. Down to checking that the security chap isn’t asleep.

Enjoy your Easter Weekend.


That it from me now. Until the next time.




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