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Well, times are getting harder as the Bankers and Government cause uncertainty in the UK during 2010.

Once the elections are out of the way sometime in May. There will be very little to cheer about for the rest of the year as the pound drops lower against the Euro and Dollar. Just to upset us a little more, the inflation rate will increase and the Government will be forced to increase interest rates to gain funds to plug the rather large whole in Great Britannia.

A typical example of this is to drive a 42-foot yacht into the side of a sea-going oil tanker. With the same effect! Very Very little to the tanker.  In fact, that seems to fit the bill when it comes to printing cash. Or as the politicians like to hoodwink the general population by saying quantitative easing.

However, there is a scheme that if you are due to change to renewable technologies could actually end up better off and less reliant on those Large Six UK Electricity / Gas Companies.

Depending on what type of fuel you decide upon the tariff that is paid to you goes against the capital (what you spent to install the system in the first place). Once this is cleared, you end up earning a reasonable amount of money up £600 a year and cheaper Gas or Electric bills.

Here’s an ExampleRenewable Heat Insentive

Someone else is obviously paying you. So, make sure that you are getting the money back, before someone next door does! You can install the system now but the payments will not start until April 2011. Where have I heard that before? Oh yes, that’s when everything will look Rosy in the UK by the Government reckoning. I think I believe that as much as the eradication of “Boom and Bust!”

Heat technologies are as follows;

  • Air source heat pumps

  • Anaerobic digestion to produce biogas for heat production – Normally methane.

  • Biomass heat generation and CHP

  • Ground source heat pumps

  • Liquid biofuels (but only when replacing oil-fired heating systems)

  • Solar thermal heat and hot water

As there is a separate scheme for generation of electricity (FITS). However, this scheme has had a large amount of press compared to its poor relation. RHI

So, when you look at the bill that is due through the door in a few weeks time. Remember that you can do something about it without tying your cash up.

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David Vincent.

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