Hey what we waiting for then….

Well… what was said, was quite educational.

The basics I can follow and at least they admit that this system is better, but not perfect!

The big question is “How do you explain this to the general population?

The people that want the change, are not the ones that will make the money (evil stuff) or gratification for doing it.

So, either the system breaks and someone then tells us, this is the way or the machines in the end do it for us, as they decided that this is logical.

The other obvious trouble is that there has to be a reason for the basic tasks to be completed. Who is going to pull out the potatoes from the ground or in fact put the seeds into it? Someone has to fill the machine with supplies.

However, once you have nano technology available. Assuming this is not sat on like the rest of invention. This then becomes more of a question of where do you stop?

Once you can re-arrange atoms into other items. Things start to become difficult. Place you neutral atoms into a large micro wave machine and the computer system will re arrange it into anything non-living, is going to turn the world on its head. As all you need is energy too create what you want.

That energy conversion should come from either geothermal (underground) or in my opinion from the SUN. As we don’t expect that light to go out for several million years!

I have always said that computerising a process then throwing away the person who did it in the first place, is very wasteful. The machine requires to be serviced or fixed anyway and the original person has a brain in their head. This can be used for more challenging tasks, that a machine cannot complete. Imagining or THINKing!

Working in the Evil Money world for a moment. The only reason not to do this, is to save the company money (or in their words efficiencies). But, if they make the person unemployed. Then the government (You and Me with loads of middle people administrating the system) have to support them. How is that achieved? By taxing the companies profit. So, what was real point anyway?

Starting to get scary…..

The energy needs of the world can be solved today. With out the need to do a great deal. Couple of mirror plants in African, central America, Australia and China and pipe the electrical supply over the world can be done today. It has already been put forward by the OPEC countries as they can see that the oil will come to an end. Or technology will circumvent oil usage. As stated in the desertec.org site. If energy becomes plentiful with the water as a by-product. Then, control disappears!




Already been acknowledge here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photovoltaic_array that PV technology that only 12% efficient! Can produce enough energy for the worlds needs. PV is silicon based. Got lots of the stuff (Desert sand). Power will be reclaimed from the Sun. You have small input to get the process started. But, once the plant is energy neutral, then you can produce this kit until you run out of sand. (Yep! Tad simplified. But, there are no insurmountable problems to this)

If, you used the materials that are already there, with our knowledge, then this could can be achieved. The main problem is that governments/corp would not make any money. But, as the materail is already there on the ground why do we need too?

The statement would have to be “We build it with our know how and you get the benefits of using the water that is desalinated”. But, don’t think that would float as an idea!

Alternative to revolution, is to provide the Patents with clause “that non use of the technology commercially” would invalidate it’s cover. That would allow companies to continue development and receive money for the present. But, stop what is currently happening. Which is to protecting markets by not developing a patent commercially.

Or, an alternative, as I don’t want to be seen not to provide choice, is provide a pharmacy option, when patent licence expires. Then any person can use the technology with no financial reward.

You can’t claim Licence/money on a process or idea once that inventor is no longer alive.  Companies would not be able to hold patents. This would fix patent ransoming overnight. As it would force the company’s and inventors to develop new ideas.

Hey what we waiting for then….

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