TalkTalk going back on promises?


When this advert was running back in May 2006.

I signed up for the full International Package that allowed me to make phone calls up to an hour in length both in UK and Internationally. True, until recently you did have to add a rather long… code to add to the front of the international number. But, other than excluding the 0871 and 0845 numbers. It did what it said it would.

The additional benefit was that they provided an broadband connection for FREE FOREVER – (Eternity, a limitless amount of time)!

There were no exclusions to this offer on the broadband. True, it was a 2Mb download.  But, at the time, this was the best that you were going to get from BT wholesale anyway. With Talktalk then promising, once the BT exchanges had their equipment installed the line speed would increase too up 8Mb.

Bar a few hiccups along the way the service has been good. Although, I accept that other customers have had considerable difficulty. In Talktalk’s defense the firm did try and resolve these issues by adding more resources to the company. I just think they were over whelm with the response.

Well this morning I received an e-mail stating that I was using to much Broadband capacity and if I didn’t stop I would be fined £5 + VAT for the next 40Gb.

On the current Broadband sign up page called TalkTalk Essentials they do state that there is a 40Gb cap.

However, I didn’t sign up to this service. I signed up to the one that was FREE FOREVER!

I appreciate that some subscribers are using large amount of bandwidth. But TalkTalk provisioned the 8Mbits ADSL link! This with a contention ratio of 1-50 would allow a constant 160Kbits. Which, works out at 9.6Mbits per min. This over a 30 day period is 414,720Mbits. Therefore, the 40Gb cap limits the line to less than 10% of it’ contention capacity.

Calling the 40Gb cap “Huge” is completely false and the ofcom regulator should stamp out this sort of claim from the industry.

If TalkTalk have to place 40Gb limit on new applications (Which, I pointout again, isn’t me!).  It would be sensible to have the words  ‘12 month average’.  This would take account of peaks and troughs of usage. Rather than a crude monthly tally.

Yes, I know things are not great in the UK. But, you made a promise and I expect as a shareholder for you to make good on this promise.

David Vincent

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