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Santander showing they have a grip on Customer Service!

Santander Credit Cards showing off there Customer Service and of course
FSA and Information Commissioner’s Office are definitely on top of this one obviously.

Well it’s a nice job in a nice office and pretty unlikely to get fired! Continue reading

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Little Miss Granger

Parody of Harry Potter and Miss Granger. Very funny. Perhaps not for work area’s! Continue reading

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Best way to find out Adwords used by your competitors.

This is a Firefox add-in that allow you to see who and how much you are being out bid on Google Adword’s. You can read more Continue reading

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Speeding up Internet connections.

If each section of the website is provided by a 3rd party (Goggle ad’s for example) and takes a 0.25 of a second to resolve, that’s 5 seconds added to a typical web page load. Five seconds may not sound like much. Count it out loud… it’s a long time isn’t it? Normally, this leads to the accusation that the ISP is not providing the download speed advertised.

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