Windows Security Suite on a PC.

We have had several people call us today. Their PC/Laptop has had Windows Security Suite installed and it has reported virus programs are on the PC and the virus protection isn’t working.

I think these were on XP workstations SP2/SP3.  But, that doesn’t mean it not happening on Vista or W7. It’s just my domestic crew are behind the times? (Or, perhap they have heeded my advise)  

Technically, this shouldn’t happen in a corporate world as the systems would guard against running a unknown  ‘.exe’ and you shouldn’t been log in as Administrator on the PC. Go and slap the IT department if it has.

But, do remember they will be able to tell where your browser has been! If, that embarissing then ask get them to rebuild the machine. (They still will look at the logs ) It should take 15 mins to complete in corporate environment.

However, for our domestic following. Who generally do work as an Administrator! (Ho Hum) Here is a work around to take back control of the PC/Laptop.

The normal suggestion when you get Windows Security Suite on a PC is to use System Restore. This is under Start/Accessories/System tools.

Restore back to a date you know the laptop/PC was working! As, this will restore the registery back to operation status.

Norton/AVG/Microsoft etc. are knocked out with a WSS install and they also knock out google/googlemail etc and mimic them so they can get hold of passwords for these accounts. Or at least until you have paid. If  you have been convinced to pay anything to these guys then ring your credit card issuer and register a dispute against it- NOW.

Once you have got your PC back again. I would recommend changing ALL Passwords on accounts that could of been used whilst WSS was installed.

NOW, this doesn’t constitute as a guarantee, as I have no knowledge to where you have been or the configuration of your PC. But,  it should get the PC back to usable state.

‘If unlike Sary, you don’t have a Microsoft engineer or IT department at hand. Then, let an expert sort it out for you’.

Following the above is reasonably safe as it is using the Microsoft Windows tools to complete the task.

Please post a comment if this works or not.  As, it would be good to know numbers.

 David Vincent –


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