Is Bitcoin or the Web 3.0 a good idea?

Dear All,
Well his view of Cloud is false in the first place.
The Cloud and Facebook, etc, are all distributive networks which are maintained by the likes of me in the old days when I worked. They have pockets of data all around the world in Data centers.
All operating systems Windows, Apple OS and Linus distro’s is run on tokens. :o) They tend to be private for obvious reasons. But, they could with a tweak or two be Public & Private keys.

Bitcoin – where do I start?

Well first it will be nice when one token actually fore fills the current $ and £. In the IT industry we constantly flip from central control (IBM Mainframes – 80’s) to 1990′ Local PC’s to 2000 early cloud, 2010 everything in cloud. 2020 Edge computing with cloud backend.
I expect the likes of Web 3.0 to do the same. Calling a Facebook or Google central control is lack of understanding of the technology. The environmental costs alone of a de-centralized system would go through the environmental roof. As I don’t know to many punters that have PV on their roof to maintain this constant connection to the wider world and it would upset the ISP big time. Who is picking up the bill for the additional network traffic from moving central model to the distributive option? Yes, thought they hadn’t thought of that.

Open Source software

It’s  very similar to Open Source software (Which I love) which has a committee to guide it’s development. Or, worst a few diehard developers who may or may not be good at writing code (Facebook). Yes, you have oversight of the others watching the code. But, it’s not a full time job for most. Blockchain like may are controlled by few people/companies with their own vested interests. Yes, Facebook and Google are bad. But, you need to be certain that you are not jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

My Personnel View.

I personally think they still have a long way to go. Yes, Blockchain currencies are in rapid expansion. But, you have to look at the broken systems first like the South American, African or Russia were the current cash goes missing. (I like to be in the meeting with Russian president)  Rather than take on $, £ or EU tokens. They are in the Trillions if not greater.
Bitcoin is still in it Billions and mining it is getting very expensive. So, what’s different to Gold or other high value metal/diamonds?
Even now the central Gov can Blacklist specific Bitcoin addresses on the basis that they broke the USA law in Ransom ware etc.. etc. The Bitcoin is as venerable as the Internet is to the DNS service being brought down. The DNS is one of the most regulated bits of the internet and has a international over watch. Here are the bodies that look after Root-Severs

Governments and Central Banks can at will kill Blockchain coin(s).

They can kill Bitcoin and its fellow tokens with one stroke from the world central banks. The only reason they don’t is the tax income they are making on transactions. If you can’t change the token to something others want it dies. Most Bitcoin millionaires are not until you can place it into another recognized currency.
The Blockchain transaction is viewable as well as the Blockchain address. Ownership of the Blockchain address however that is not.
Overtime, the authorities will start to recognize certain block chain addresses that are up to no good. You might be a Bitcoin millionaire. But if you can’t go through and Bitcoin exchange with a RED flagged Blockchain Address those tokens are worthless. USA citizens are taxed if they are in the country boundary or not (Tad un-reasonable I think). The same will occur in Bitcoins or other tokens.

What could happen?

I think that the tokenized system could be sensibly used to validate transactions/assets and become an overlay to the current system rather than become a currency. This achieves what the current GOV wants (us). A way to verify an asset be it Property/Diamonds/Hand Bag without the need to go back to a central source. The bitcoin token can be used to control the data of both personnel of business.

How to remove Access to data held?

Just like removing the DNS or Black Listing the Blockchain address. You can leave the central data where it is being protected by vested interests from breaches and still at a flick of a Blockchain switch, remove the data token flag from the hands of Google/Facebook or China’s hands.
No Blockchain independent valid cert registered (Cached centrally) would then black hole the data set access.  No Block chain token – Denied access on view. If the Blockchain servers are centralized for speed like Root DNS servers this would still allow rapid confirmation of rights to access tokenize data. This has already been used by Microsoft to not allow servers to spin up their drives or decrypt the data unless a external certificate server can be talk to. No coms no access to servers data. This sides steps them (Microsoft) having to break in under government requests. With the response that we can’t as we don’t have access to this certificate servers. Place those in China or Russia and see what happens to those requests.

Your in control.

You hold the Primary DNS (Blockchain) record locally. Removal of Facebook or Pages of Facebook from your local Primary Blockchain Safe would replicate just as DNS does to remove Data Access. Mission accomplished.
Any data found on a 3rd party server that doesn’t comply will remove all Blockchain token access data. Killing the company that is holding the data. RIP if Facebook, Amazon or Google if they cock-up. Trust me with that stick they will not.

Getting Political here!!

Blockchain is good for providing trackability of Goods and Services to others that can’t be trusted with cash or other tokens like benefits and this would kill the low level fraud of exchange in the Black market.
If the Government (you & me) is giving financial help then we get to say how it is used. If you don’t want the Government to interfere then get a job.
Tokenizing the rest of  both Government funding and spending would also help. As every transaction would be visible. Including payment to MP’s :o)
A lot of the waste would then become visible to everyone and would kick the HM Gov into a much reduced size.
This for all UK Government and local Authority would shine a very bright light into the dark ponds of corruption.
There is obviously no reason why the rest of the world couldn’t follow our lead. :o)
What do you thing?
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TESLA and their D1 Chip. The world really hasn’t a clue of the impact that this system will have.

Welcome All,

Well for those that actually understood the technical explanation of AI Day from the TESLA team. Including the impact of their own D1 chip on 7Ns die. You will be in the minority. Make sure you have a strong black coffee!

It was clearly shown that even the educated audience which Tesla had arranged to sit in front of these Department heads really had a long way to go before they were going to be of any help in the TESLA Quest.

The D1 makes the NVIDA chip’s look very sad. Yes, they have to stitch the system together but it is quite obvious that they have the skill set to complete the task. Just as the Financial Crew missed the implications of the Tesla Battery Day. This really did go over most so call experts understanding.

Especially our friend on CNBC who was trying to say that his AI expert was more clever than a team at TESLA. It has become both sad and embarrassing that a so call news channel can continue to broadcast this clown’s views. Despite the market analysis record of getting anything right being in the <1%. “TESLA is going to go bankrupt”. Yep that about as likely as me going to the moon tomorrow. With 15 billion in the bank despite paying for two new large factories out of companies earnings and still making a profit.  The USA market will wake up to the monster that is about to turn up in there own back yard. Walmart move over someone coming through.

The computational amount that this D1 chip alone can process and then the teams ability to work out placing it into an array of 5,000. This unit of computational processing will be come truly jaw dropping to those that can comprehend the overall system.

It was also obvious, that the team was not to proud to follow nature, as the feed lines into path computational lines look very similar to those on worm in the sea with multiple sensor feeds. Mother nature has had a few million years to perfect the best system. No point re-inventing the wheel!

If, I was 40 years young and not retired. I would be seeing if I could make the cut. This will probably be the most beneficial project to be working on bar the SpaceX team in getting to Mars.

Mr. Musk does not believe in Under Achievement!

Intel, Microsoft, NVIDA, Apple and AMD. What really have you done in the last 20 years?

We all got a peak at the outside layer of the TESLA Secrets box. It took a YouTube over a year of research to un-pick the Battery Day announcement. This could take him another 5 years, to get it into what the normal public will understand.

Watch this Tesla AI team truly expand what they have started in the next few years will be a pleasure to watch as the competition don’t believe what they are seeing.

It reminds me of when they cracked the Human Genome for the first time in 1990’s it took them 7 years and cost 1 billion dollars! It now takes in 2021 – 24-48 hours and $600. Remember to remove inflation!

Making the Humanoid walk at 5 miles an hour is also a sensible pre-caution. :o)

Until the next time take care.

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Are we being silly just trying to meet the National Grid – 30/42GW targets?

Welcome Back,

It has often been said by Elon Musk that Tesla goes back to “First Principles” when trying to solve a problem that SpaceX, Tesla or Boring Companies might have.

I wonder if the U.K Government and National Grid are also missing a trick that has been pointed out in a report published by Rethinkx? These chaps have produce a report for the more technical for you here : Rethinkx Energy Report – 2020 to 2030.

Currently, in the UK we are trying to replicate the current Old Style systems without actually saying “should we do this a different way?” as the report above has suggested.

Basically they are stating the over provision of energy creation using Wind and PV Solar by a factor of 3 to 6 times using the “The Clean Energy U-Curve”  in any world region can be completed cheaply using renewables. But, there can also be additional benefits of adding a 10% or 20% over the original base provision that would provide a “Super Power” bonuses to the grid.

In the report on page 13 they provide a “USA Texas”  example, and after the recent events of 2021 blackouts in that part of the country. Despite to TV (Fox TV) blaming the Wind Turbines that only supply 2% of the overall energy. It actually was due to the Gas and Oil industry not removing the water from the Gas itself due to cost savings. Hence the cold snap froze the Gas in the pipe line and the coal plants also assumed that the wet coal wouldn’t freeze at any point! Yep, it’s the dam accountants again!

Seem timely? They state in their report that a $200 billion investment in Solar PV, Wind and Batteries would cover the annual power requirements of the complete Texas state period! When you consider the USA has just issued $1.9 Trillion (that 1,900 Billion in old money!!) in a package for COVID-19 it seems quite cheap!

Now for the UK.  We are more in the New England range of energy usage (114 GW at 3.8X) and thus it would cost us around $91 billion (£65.3 Billion in real money!) to cover us in total.

Or, $109 Billion (£78.3 Billion again in real money) if we went for the Super Plus 20% version. This is based on the actual base load of 30GW which is confirmed in the figures of the National Grid 2018 here. This would replace all electrical energy needs for the UK! The National Grid could be supplied fully at all times from renewables!

Or, we could spend it on the estimated cost of HS2 which currently is  106 Billion. I get a train and a track!!! I know what I would spend it on. :o)

So, what’s the idea? Well, it works on the basis that everywhere in the world, the supply and energy creation can be worked out using predicted weather patterns.

So, in the report on page 13 they have pointed out that using the current Solar PV, Wind and not as much as most think of batteries to provide a super grid option in 10% or 20% versions. These 10 or 20% options would allow this lack of energy to disappear and be replace by the “we have so much we can literally waste huge amounts on producing other stuff at Zero or Negative pricing.” What this mean? Well for example you could produce all the Green Hydrogen to provide the heating via hydrogen to all of the UK households period!

You could wipe out Fuel Poverty in one sweeping change, at a very nominal cost to the General Public (HM GOV).  That’s You and Me by the way!!

You could allocate a base amount to each UK household for example  4k for Green Electric and 14.5K for Green Hydrogen Gas. Any more, then you pay extra for it, to stop wasteful usage by energy hogs. The bonus to HM GOV (Us) would be that the reclaimed household budget for energy savings made by each household on heating & lighting would probably be spent on items that were rated at 20% VAT rated rather than 5% as home fuel is.

I know what I would be doing. But, that of course is using commonsense !! There are way to many interested parties getting in the way.

The interested parties have billions of inefficient energy assets that will become obsolete in years time. As the Solar PV and Wind costs become cheaper which will happen anyway the requirement for Gas will drastically reduce as it did in coal. The interested parties current financial model works on 60-70% loading to make electricity in the £50-60Mhrs. When, the renewables will be able to produce at £20Mwhrs and still making a major margin. There is already a serious chance that the current Hinkley point Nuclear plant being built by EDF an China in the UK now will never get to supply ONE unit of electricity unless it is subsidised by HM GOV to save face in building a stranded asset in the first place. The current fixed price is  £92.50 per MWh. The average pricing for electricity in a year is £41.35 MWh. It today 16th March 2021 @ 10:55 am is £4.55 MWh.

Drax Electric Insights


Even if the National Grid and UK Gov don’t follow the ReThingx report. Just like the ICE car industry is currently finding out they will become Asset stranded and bankrupt. Tick tock people.


Until next time.

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So, Batteries are as bad as Gas/Petrol cars???

Welcome back,

It has often been pointed to that electric cars use Coal or Gas to power them which in the UK is generally not the case. Even in the USA after a certain person has left office. The States themselves have seen the light. Not in the Climate emergency of course! No in pure economics. :o)

The current flavor of the month is Gas after it clobbered coal powered stations out of the way based on costs. However, the same factors that made Gas king currently now at this moment in time be killed of by Solar PV / Wind and 4 hrs of Battery storage. Again, this is base on costs alone.

What people often for get is the process of getting the Oil or Gas to the forecourt pumps in the firsts place.

This chap explains the process and how wasteful it is clearly once and for all to see.

EV or Gas, What Pollutes More?

Couldn’t have said it any better. There are a couple of points missed. But, the obvious damage is clear to see.

Until next time.


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The UK National Grid to crash when Electric Vehicles charge all at the same time.

National Grid to crash when EV’s charge all at the same time.

We constantly keep seeing the Headline “UK National Grid to crash when Electric Vehicles charge all at the same time.” When in fact it’s probably the other way round!

I’m surprised that this hasn’t been corrected in the Mainstream National Press.

They complain that they are not valued in the UK Media. But, are quite happy to spread Fake news to their readers when it suits them.

So, just to clear this point. Using these EV’s batteries with “Vehicle to Grid”  functionality actually might have the opposite effect!

First point. If every ICE car turns up to fuel at the same time there wouldn’t be fuel left in the Petrol stations! (Petrol strike 2000)

RAC Foundation has found out in real research not speculation as per National Press. That most UK cars are sitting still idle 80%+ of the time.

Most EV charging can occur during the off-peak night time. When the rest of us are tucked up in bed or at a persons work if that person doesn’t have access to a Parking Bay or Driveway at home. This drowning on that everyone must have a charge point along every street?

With a typical EV’s now having 200-300 miles actual real-world range. The high percentage of UK working people are unlikely to need to charge more than once/twice a week. Based on the average trip to work during 2017.

Also, with Shell and BP seeing the writing on the wall. They surprisingly are rolling out a charging point in each of their Petrol stations. Not the cheapest cost to charge, but certainly cheaper than filling the petrol tank with petrol!

The UK grid has plenty of capacity National Grid Statement and with the wind turbines & Solar sites being asked and paid millions in constraint payments most of the time to reduce their output. Those payments themselves points out that there is plenty of suppliers that can for fill the energy requests from National Grid.

The issue however is storage. As electricity is very similar to all supply and demand items. You need it now but not later.

As someone said – “Think of it as a cream that will go off in a matter of minutes“.

Hence, a crew at National Grid are constantly monitoring the actual usage across the UK of electricity being used second by second to ensure the supply and usage are balanced. As you can see right at this site here.

If you fail. You don’t get a bad grade (D-) but you end up with parts of the UK having to be switched off and then turned back on again. But, it’s not quick. It can take several painful hours/days to bring additional resources (Wind, Solar, Gas, Nuke .. etc) up in a balanced way to counter actual UK load otherwise you are back to starting again with turning the power off again!  :o(

Which is why National Grid is regulated to keep the 50Hz frequency with an 220V AC  within a certain +/- 1% limit. Think about – standing on a football and balancing on top without falling off.

Too much and the 50Hz increases which aren’t good for your electrical items. Too little and the 50Hz drops downwards to the 49Hz which gives brownouts and dropouts. Again, not good for the electrical items. ( Electrical engineers – I know there is a lot more to it. But, I’m trying to keep  it simple.)

Now the National Grid does provide power to some manufacturing plants in the UK under the understanding that they may need to reduce or cut the supply without notice. This is normally attached to equipment that can stand a 15-45 of minutes of disconnection. Such as a pottery/steel furnace or other parts of manufacturing that have backup supplies can allow the National Grid to deal with the sudden loss of the expected Load or Generation capacity.

However, like most things, there is a limit that they can’t go beyond.

The good news for the National Grid and UK Government. When everyone actually gets on board the EV conversion is that most if not all EV’s and/or EV chargers happen to be available 24/7 via the Internet.

In most EV’s (Electric Vehicles – Tesla/Jaguars I PACE) you have between a 50-100kW battery able to supply to the local grid (DNO) if you permit them to.

They then pay you for the privilege of using or borrowing the power from your idle EV battery. Generic term is “Balancing the Grid” Even better news is that they can ask for precisely what they need. If they need couple of 1kW or 500Mw they can request this second by second. Where in the old world they would have to crank up a Generation Unit (Peak Plants) which would provide the said power but then have to be paid to shut it down again at short notice if the load has disappeared.

The net result is they save money not having to crank up (Peak Plants) resources that will need to be shut down again within a 1 to 4 hour period. Clever software can work out how much your EV battery can spare without you needing to change your EV charging routine.

So, when you have 75,000 EV cars on-line hanging around for the 80% that they are idle and parked. That can provides an on-call electricity capacity of 3.75GW. It just sitting there. :o)

For comparison Hinckley point when and if built will output 3.2GW in total output to the National Grid. With the current 7.5kW restriction per car (this due to both the inverters current capacity and the lead that supplies the car). That allows this group of cars to provide 0.5625 GW at a drop of a request via the internet hat.

Increase the car count to 750K EV’s and you then have 5.625 GW actual real-time power with a duration of up to 5 hrs plus and still allows the EV to run to work for most peoples commute.

In the UK, we purchase 2-2.5 million cars a year between the years of 2003-2017.

Now having 5.6 GW available each year is very useful to the National Grid. Adding an additional 5.6 GW per year on top would be music to their ears as it allows them to balance or store energy for the UK for later use in the evening peak. For once they will be more relaxed when everyone puts the kettle on for a brew in the commercial break of the UK Soaps.

So, keep an eye out for Vehicle to Grid offerings once you have purchased you EV. More ways to earn money.  Back to the early days of PV on the roof.



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Stop ISP’s tracking your DNS & browser history!

Well hello again.

For those who wish to stop people being nosy about tracking what and where you browse. There are a few things that you can do that will happily upset most but not ALL internet nosy people on tracking on who or what you visit. GCHQ and the NSA probably still have a few tricks in their box to track or spy on you. But, at least we shouldn’t make it easy for them. 99.5% of us are doing nothing wrong. Using the old “we need to know” have fallen very short in recent years. When it has been shown that attacks have taken place in FULL view of them without needing any de-encryption or tracking software. All you are doing is increasing the Haystack of information. It ends up – ” that you can’t see the wood as the trees are in the way”.

First or all you need to stop using that thing called Google Chrome. You can still use all of the Google suite of packages if you must such as GMail, GDrive etc…etc and remember the saying “There is no such thing as a FREE lunch” They will be tracking the contents of your emails and communication to sell to the marketers of the Corporate firms.

However, for those of you that wish to take back a bit of control you can download the current version of FireFox on your PC, Apple desktop or mobile and with a few simple tweaks stop quite a significant chunk on tracking or snooping in one swoop.

Download the Browser from Here (Opens another Page) So, allow it to.

Then download the package after accepting the T&C’s. Okay, so how many of you have actually read them? Well, we leave that to one side for now as this crew are Open Sourced and Commercially & Government Neutral. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a contribution to help them in their work though. £ or $ amount would keep the lights on.

Once you have downloaded the package and installed it. The computer will ask that you trust this which you should answer “Yes” as long as you clicked the link and didn’t search for the “Firefox” link. Yes, you know who you are “tut-tut”.

Open the browser and then type the following into the place where you normally type the web address. Where the Https or Green lock appears.

about:config – then hit enter

You will be warned to turn back. But instead, select “Accept the risk

Okay, don’t freak out or Panic if you are English! At the top of the browser page. You see a “Search with a Looking glass icon”

In there type the following. network.trr.mode – Do worry about the list reducing. It’s the browser trying to reduce the list dynamically. Once you have finished typing the about there should be only one line available to select.

Then double click the lefthand button on the mouse. Then, when the dialogue box appears to change the 0 to be 2. Then, select the “OK” button to confirm the change.

Now once you return to the original page. Remove the network.trr.mode text and replace it with the following “” by the time you have typed this in. You will only have one option to choose from. Double click on it with the lefthand mouse and you will notice that the “Status” will change to Modified and the “Value” will have changed to True

Once you have finished the modifications you can visit this site below to check you’ve everything working correctly.

Select “Run tests again” which will check out your browser. There are four tests on the page which should all be Green Ticks.

Remember these settings are only good for the Firefox browsing. Start using Chrome and Edge browsers and all bets are off on security.

Until we see you again. Enjoy your browsing again.

Tracking Logo

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Insurance proposed by Tesla has upset Warren Buffet.

Insurance proposed by Tesla has upset Warren Buffet. The idea that they are considering setting up Car Insurance for all of their products Model S, X, 3 and Y.

The terse rebuke by Mr Buffett shows that yet another industry can suddenly see that Musk has them in his targets.

With the common complaint that the insurance cost to cover a Tesla is more expensive often being reported. Although when you compare Apples to Pears then what do you expect? A Ford Mondeo at £23k against Model 3 performance model £47k. Yes, one would think the insurance would be more. 0-60 of the Ford Mondeo is sub 9 seconds against Model 3 getting there in under 3.2 seconds. Yep, there will be a difference! Both on the cost of the car and its ability to get to 60 quicker. Quicker equals more expensive insurance or the correct premium. Even the slow Model 3 gets there in 5.3 seconds. Not slow! For me a Directline Insurance with model 3 extended with RP of 47+K came in at £460 per year seem reasonable for 12,000 miles a year.

However, Musk has smelt an opportunity for Tesla to insure the whole fleet under the Tesla banner.

Insurance companies work on the driver’s experience and ability of he or she has shown not to hit other cars and the actual cost of repairing/replacing the car if it all goes very wrong.

Tesla has odd 500,000 plus cars that are increasing by 5,000 a month that it knows exactly what is happening in each. As they are used for gathering data for the self-drive feature when that is possible in the future.

Insurance companies themselves would fall over themselves to have this data on each of us. Hence, the small black boxes that are being installed in newly qualified drivers in the UK to drag down their £3,000-9,000 premiums to something that the recently pass driver can afford.

Tesla knows the cost of repair and can make this at cost plus a small margin. They also know the true cost of a new car. So, they are already in a strong position as a 20% markup is not unexpected in the future. They can then roll out the Taxi element without the cost to the individual owner as the cost will be shared over the complete fleet. They can salvage un-broken parts from the fleet and service the damage vehicles.

The other benefit is the constant revenue stream coming into Tesla rather than the insurance companies. You sort of wonder why other car manufactures did do this in the I.C.E. or another case of the Desiel Gate cartel? Either way, I can’t really see many downsides to this. The repair network is still there for ICE cars. So, all they need to do is provide the parts the next day and I can guess who would be up for that business. Starts with “A” and in the jungle in nature.

No messy Taxi insurance needed when being used by the Tesla Click and Collect the customer service. Just in case Warren Buffett was only concerned about Tesla they should be. As Amazon has also made noises on this car insurance option as well. It’s only an extension to their popular PRIME offering. It’s a Trillion Dollar industry that is ripe for the picking. It will have the effect of Amazon on keeping pricing down. What’s not to like?

Until next time.

UPDATE: Well it happens on the 22nd August 2019 and yes it was a bit wobbly at the start and rates supposedly were not competitive. But,  they grant you better access to parts than normal. I can see these complaints disappearing. Ho Hum Mr Buffertt. Time to look at another sector. This one had just been Amazoned!


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UK Pension Freedoms and Catches!

The chaps at AJ Bell have put together a 20 min video that explains about the various pension options and HMRC’s not so nice practices.

Good. See I was being helpful.

Enjoy the rest of your day and start that SIPP if you don’t have one already.

Even a couple of £100 now will allow you to invest 4 times your annual amount of 40k in 3 years. That 160k that you could invest. You don’t have to invest this amount now. It can sit there quietly until you are ready.

If you haven’t started the SIPP its 40K max for that year.

For the sake of a couple of £100 invested into the SIPP. After 3 years sitting there it leaves the option to invest up to £160k when you win the lottery!

Remember. If you are going to draw more than £1,000 ish a month after the 25% is taken then Tax is payable. Make sure you seek financial advice from your accountant or adviser. Getting it wrong can and does turn out to become expensive!

We happen to use AJ Bell. But have no financial benefit from sending you to watch their video.

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PPI time running out!!

The Banks and insurance companies have been waiting on the end date to this scandal. Don’t let them keep your money that they owe you.

With the Cut off date rushing towards us. It is probably the last time you be able to claim what the banks and insurance compaines took off you without your permission.

It is worth registering with the Consumer-focused website “Which” to make sure that all institutions look into their records.

For those that are reading that are not UK based. Our Banks and Insurance companies charged for an insurance policy that was supposed to cover a non-payment on illness or loss of employment. However, as the T&C were not provided for most, who were told they had to have this without any option. They wouldn’t pay non-full time employees. So, the insurance in a great many times would be worthless. However, the insurance and Banks were quite happy to still insist that all customers should have this insurance. Eventually, the penny dropped in our Government and the industry was told to repay these fees with interest.

They, of course, will do their utmost to not pay the full amount back. So, even if they do offer a sum. Do use your common sense to check if this seems reasonable. If your Credit Cards / Bank loan etc is being in the 1,000’s a month then the amount back should be quite considerable. So, if they offer a couple of £100 back it time to push back and ask them for the prove of how they reached this amount.

I happen to be a company director for my sins. So, I have to keep records for 7 years. Just in case HMRC wishes to view them for some reason.

Hence, I have got the originals.

Don’t expect them that have the right statements or the correct ones. As when I cross-referenced the balances of the months on Jan and Feb they didn’t match. Despite me sending them the actual copy of the statement to check against!

It seems that this isn’t unusual for them. So, your not convinced that it’s a reasonable amount you should start a claim with the Financial Ombudsman within 30 days of receiving your last correspondence with the bank. Whilst it will not be quick. They generally have been able to settle at that offer. Which in my case was £1,000’s more?

Make sure that you mention that you wish for the “Pleving ruling” to also be taken account off. As the Insurance and Banks were found to be making accessive amounts of profit on loans and these are to be repaid under this ruling. Loans used to have 67% profit earnings for the banks. Hence, why they have been told to repay the amounts over 50% back. Yes, I know. But, getting some of it back is better than nothing.

So, don’t just sit there! Register yourself and get your Wife, cousin to do so Today!

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RED finally ready for Liftoff? –

We’ve been with RED  for several years and over this long time, the share price has bounced around the 5-9p range in that time.

However, in 2018 the CEO has put together a Sales and Marketing team that finally seems to pay dividends (Sorry for the Pun)

For those that like to view the solution. Here is the video link explaining. For the rest of us keep reading!

RED has now established a Production product (GEN3) that they have been able to convince the Jabil manufacture to produce them in 70 places over most parts of the world. Thus sidestepping the costs of manufacturing and stock that have to normally financed by the company.

They also now have sufficient size deals over the 100+ million mark. To allow institutional investors to look and actually put together finance packages.

There is already strong interested in backing both Wind and PV  farms as they are in the 20-25 year term investment. These achieve a 6-8% return. When you add the RED energy engine which allows for extended power for over 4+ hrs periods. Which both National Grid and large corp users are realising can drastically cut the electricity bill and provide Grid Balancing services to the National Grid providing the  JAM to the deal. This then increases the return to 10%+ over a 25-year time span. Something that an institutional investor would think a reasonable investment.

RED has been able to obtain and 1,600 units commitment from a Germany order. As they are further forward in renewable markets. This along with the orders from the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia place them for even more growth through word of mouth. With the October 2018 event to still arrive in Australia for more spreading of the word.

In August they announced a UK order from Anglian Water again a small step for this group. However, a significant one. As this is a large well know UK company which has a large energy bill of £77 million that can see significant savings to place their toe into this new market. The potential of this client with its 1200 water treatment and water recycling centres would keep RED busy. However, this is one of the 10 companies that have the same problem. They can now deploy local PV  on-site and the RED storage systems and greatly reduce their overall electricity bill.

I believe that this firm has turned the corner, all be it slightly later than most of the investors had wished.

For those that have been looking. I would suggest this is the time before the blue touch paper runs out on the share price. When large investment houses start to understand the real opportunity.

Cheer for now.

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